Jasmine Pendleton: Jasmine lives in San Diego and is a dental hygienist. She is a teacher.S. McKenzie Coburn: McKenzie lives in Jupiter, Florida with her husband and young child. Her Twitter is @mariae296. Theresa Gonzalez: Theresa married NFL wide receiver TJ Jones and lives in Georgia with their two children. Aaron Behle: Aaron lives in Newport Beach, California and is married with two children. Kimberly Alexander: Kimberly lives in South Carolina. 0 Reputation Score Range. He appeared on Ex on the Beach in 2019-2020. Women's clothing store. Chegg study - homework help - apps on google play. He most recently appeared on 2019's Floribama Shore. Piggy Thomas: Piggy lives in Washington and has an older daughter. His Twitter is @JustinaveryPalm. Mike Crescenzo: As of 2017, Mike was living in NYC. Her Twitter is @KendalSheppard. She worked in journalism and marketing, but now is a full-time mother and active in her local Jewish community. Jason Cornwell: Jason lives in Santa Monica, California and is married with an older child. His Twitter is @King_Kollos. Brandon Nelson: Brandon lives in Las Vegas and is married with a young child. Shane Landrum: Shane lives in the DC area and is in a relationship. Brynn Smith: Brynn married her boyfriend from the show; they have 3 kids together and live in Portland. He has a child. Diandra Delgado: Diandra lives in LA and is an Instagram model and social media influencer. Beth Anthony: Beth lives in Hawaii and is now married to a man and has several children. Katie Doyle: Katie is married and lives in Kentucky with her husband and daughter. He works for an advertising company. She had a rocky relationship with AYTO's Nelson Thomas and even appeared on Dr. Phil in 2019 to discuss the relationship, but they broke up in 2020. His Twitter is @ZAKLONGO. She is dating Real World: Las Vegas' Leroy Garrett. Her Twitter is @RzBeach. Rachel Campos: Rachel married Sean from the Real World: Boston and they have nine children together. He also produces artwork under the alter ego Shardcore. She appeared on the show Botched in 2020 to correct former plastic surgeries. Julie Oliver Gentry: Julie lives in Birmingham with husband, son, and daughter. She is an esthetician who owns her own beauty shop. She owns a photography business and is also a health coach. His Twitter is @KennySantucci. She is the owner of her own esthetician business. Residents of 92563 pay approximately $2,090 a month for a 2-bedroom unit. She appeared on 2019's Ex on the Beach. She appeared on several seasons of the Challenge and briefly dated Real World: San Diego's Brad Fiorenza, but they have since broken up. Her Twitter is @DJMelReeves. Giovanni Rivera: Gio lives in Connecticut. Road Rules: Semester at Sea She regularly appears on Challenge seasons, and won 2019's War of the Worlds 2. Robb Schreiber: Robb lives in the Philadelphia area and is an administrative officer for the court of the city of Philadelphia. Nick Brown: Nick lives in New York and is an actor, host, public speaker, singer who has released music, songwriter, and owns a music publishing company. She works in sales for Grubhub. Sahar Dika: Sahar lives in Chicago. He denounced his MTV appearances and was cast on 2019's Bachelor In Paradise. Jamie Chung: Jamie is married to actor/musician Bryan Greenberg and splits her time between NYC and LA. In a 2016 interview, she said she was happy and healthy. After overcoming substance abuse issues, she makes a living as a singer in a local band. He is a health teacher and coach at a high school. Her website is thisischess.com and her Twitter is @thisischess. Jake Bronstein: Jake lives in NYC and is an entrepreneur who also works as Head of Partner Innovation at Buzzfeed. She is a special education teacher. Her Twitter is @LyssCait. She is also a personal trainer and soccer coach. Jason Hill: Jason is a car salesman for Ford in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is married to fellow BB and Challenge contestant Swaggy C. Her Twitter is @BayleighDaily. He was in a rocky relationship with Bad Girls Club's Angela Babicz and even appeared on Dr. Phil in 2019 to discuss their relationship, but broke up in 2020. Jessica McCain: Jessica lives in North Carolina with her boyfriend, a former college baseball pitcher. Casandra Martinez: Casandra lives in Houston and is an Instagram model and social media influencer. Their website is arifitz.com and their Twitter is @itsarifitz. Christina LeBlanc: Christina lives in San Diego and is in a relationship. She appeared on 2019's Ex on the Beach. Mattie Lynn Breaux: Mattie lives in Nashville. Thanks for taking the time to do this! Kaylen Zahara: Kaylen lives in LA and is a content creator and influencer who also founded her own influencer consulting business and talent management business. CT Tamburello: CT lives in Boston. Mattie Lynn Breaux: Mattie lives in Nashville. The residential address for Shavonda is 30334 Buccaneer Bay, Murrieta, CA. Her Twitter is @EmFitMTV. Kathryn Palmer: Kathryn lives in NYC and is engaged. She is an award-winning editor, writer, and filmmaker who has her own film and documentary editing company. Alan Valdez: Alan lives in Miami and is a fitness model and actor who also runs an OnlyFans page. Please let me know if there's anything missing or if anything is incorrect. Patrice Bouedibela: Patrice is a notable German entertainer, DJ, and presenter. Mark Long: After working as a television host and personality in Los Angeles for many years, Mark recently moved to Orlando and works in TV and digital advertisement sales. 951-***-**** View Phone. Their Twitter is @loveistheammo. 2.22 4.09 /5. Will Groomes: Will lives in Philadelphia and works in the hospitality industry. Tyler Pratt: Pratt lives in Orlando and is in a relationship. Pam is a doctor, professor, and medical researcher. He is a web developer and social media consultant. Oscar Hernandez: Oscar lives in the Miami area and is very involved in fitness. His Twitter is @MTVTrey. He works in yacht sales and also still DJs. She is an Instagram model and social media influencer. He works at the University of London and has written several publications about neuroscience. He has at least seven children from previous relationships. David Broom: David was last seen in 2014 living in Chicago, working as a bartender and music producer. Tina Barta: Tina is married and lives in Dallas. Her Twitter is @missashc. Victoria Wyatt: Victoria earned her J.D. Jodi Weatherton: Jodi is married and is a mother; she lives in Virginia. Kristen White: Kristen lives in Nashville and is married to a country singer; they have two children. Menu. His website is morganstpierre.com and his Twitter is @MTVMorganSt. Alexandra Govere: Alexandra is a musician and philanthropist who performs under the name Shungudzo Kuyimba. She is an occasional social media influencer but primarily a dance teacher who co-founded her own dance academy. Abe Ingersoll: Abe works in programming and is the VP of a software engineering company. David Malinosky: Dave lives in Nashville and is a territory manager for a surgical equipment company. Her Twitter is @itSabrinaK. He has worked in the entertainment industry as well, as an actor and producer. He still performs country music. Jennifer Geoghan: Jennifer lives in Hoboken, New Jersey and is a hairstylist. Shavonda Billingslea was born on 16 February 1983 in Murrieta, California, USA. Tyler Abron: Tyler lives in LA and is an actress, signed model, and social media influencer. Tony Raines: Tony lives in Baton Rouge with his fiance and young daughter. Her Twitter is @katrinaaoxx. She is the president of a management consulting corporation. Joey Kovar: Unfortunately, Joey passed away on August 17, 2012 due to an opiate intoxication; he left behind a son and a daughter. Sarah Greyson: Sarah lives in LA and is in a long term relationship. He is a producer, editor, director, and cinematographer. Her Twitter is @riannapolin. She is a middle school English and Spanish teacher. Jacquese Smith: Jacquese lives in Las Vegas and is an area manager for Amazon. Marlon Williams: Marlon lives in Dallas and is a bodybuilder who runs his own fitness company. Josh Martinez: Josh lives in Miami and regularly appears on Challenge seasons. He is also a hip hop artist who recently released an album. View Shavonda's full profile. His Twitter is @MTVPeterRomeo. Garland Brown: Garland lives in the St. Louis area and has a 5 year old son. shavonda billingslea and shaun billingslea from MURRIETA, CA have registered at for their wedding on May 19, 2014. She is passionate about health and fitness and sells natural fruit and vegetable growing supplies. His Twitter is @cambruckman. Her boyfriend got a job out their so she is their running her gym and fitness stuff from home/only. His Twitter is @MTVDevinWalker. WEDDING SERVICES. His Twitter is @simonsherrywood. His Twitter is @A_Bartolotte. Related Pages. Clint Wright: Clint is based in Nashville. Lindsay Brien: Lindsay changed her name to Lindsay MacDonald and worked as a host on a Tampa-based TV show for many years before moving back to Colorado in 2013 to work at her family's construction business. He is dating Fresh Meat 2's Cara Maria Sorbello. Her Twitter is @shungudzo. Jay Mitchell: Jay lives in New York and has appeared on other reality shows such as Catfish and Sequester. She is a successful realtor and occasionally makes YouTube videos. Keri Evans: Keri is married with children and lives in New Orleans. Jay Starrett: Jay lives in LA and has appeared on multiple reality TV shows. Montana McGlynn: Montana is married with children and lives in Los Angeles. Neil Forrester: Neil lives in the UK with his wife and children. Layton Jones: Layton lives in Nashville and remodels houses. Her website is thehappyhourwithheatherb.com and her Twitter is @thehappyhourwHB. His Twitter is @DJran. Tyler Johnson: Tyler lives in Chicago and is a personal trainer at fellow contestant Connor Smith's gym. Birthday: February 16, 1983 How Old - Age: 40. June 7, 2022; douglas county ga jail inmates mugshots . Samantha McKinnon: Samantha lives in Chicago. David Burns: David lives in Venice, California and heads a digital advertising and marketing company. Forgot account? His website is michaelroyerlaw.com. She is a Hooters waitress who occasionally models and sings. She regularly appears on Challenge seasons. His Twitter is @Tylersemicolon. Emma Sweigard: Emma lives in California and is an esthetician. Johnny Devenanzio: Johnny, now known as "Johnny Bananas", has made a living appearing on MTV Challenge seasons, winning six of them. The couple has two children and recently acquired a multi-million dollar mansion. He is an instructor at a gym. Her Twitter is @JamieChinaMTV. Kenya Scott: Kenya lives in LA and is an Instagram model and social media influencer. Mohammed Bilal: Mohammed lives in San Francisco and is married with children. Thomas Buell: Thomas lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and is an account executive for an advertising and marketing company. She is a studio manager for a web design company. Leah Gillingwater: Leah lives in Los Angeles and has a child. This is amazingYoussarian! She worked in customer service management for many years but recently earned a bachelor's degree in nursing. She is also moving to KC, she has been living with neihmiah but it seemed she is moving to her own place soon, since she was on IG posting about packing to move to her new place. Amaya Brecher: Amaya lives in California and has done voiceover and radio work. Irene Berrera-Kearns: Irene is married with older children and lives in southern California. Zak Longo: Zak lives in LA and has his own YouTube cooking channel and his own food-themed fashion line. Anthony Cuomo: Anthony graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2019 and is now a software engineer. Audrey Diaz: Audrey lives in New York and is an Instagram model and social media influencer. Shamoy Persad: Shamoy lives in Atlanta. He graduated from law school and practiced as an attorney for several years. She is a TV host and author, most known for being on Fox News for her and her husband's conservative politics. He is married to fellow WWE wrestler Maryse (nee Ouellet) and they live with their child in California. why did mclean stevenson and wayne rogers leave mash; where is damon bennett today; metropolitan thames valley staff portal; cumberland county nc zoning codes She is a producer for a local media company as well as a successful content creator and social media influencer for her food blog. Chris Graebe: Chrislives in Texas with his wife and five children. Becky Blasband: Becky released an album in 2018. Follow her on Twitter at @RCamposDuffy. His Twitter is @KyleBrandt. He has struggled with legal issues in the past, and has also worked odd jobs such as farming and being a makeup artist. Justin Deabler: Justin lives in New York City and works for the Queens Public Library as General Counsel and Senior Vice President. In 2019, she came under fire for receiving her 3, Jay Starrett: Jay lives in LA and has appeared on multiple reality TV shows. Yasmin Almokhamad: Yasmin lives in NYC and is an artist, music artist, occasional model, host, and activist. Her Twitter is @meagan_melancon. Noor Jehangir: Noor lives in Las Vegas and recently got engaged. Jay Frank: Jay worked as a news anchor in Portland for several years, but recently took a job in education administration and community relations. LOW HIGH. She advocates for diversity and inclusion and has been recognized for her work in battling gender inequality in advertising. His website is djwillgill.com and his Twitter is @WillGill. Malcolm Drummer: Malcolm lives in Houston and is an Instagram model, social media influencer, and runs an OnlyFans page. eddie richardson wife love it or list it,
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